Thursday, June 2, 2016

Silvers Rayeligh

This cosplay consists of a pair of green shorts, an orange shirt,  cape,  wig, glasses,sword, flask, beard, and flip flops.

I did not make or modify the flip flops.

I started with a green pair of pants.
But the green wasn't perfect. So I lightened it with some spray paint made for silk flowers. The above pic shows the before and after of the pants. The inside of the pants are the original color.  

I then needed to 'put' dots on them. I did some experiments to see what method worked best,  and was washing machine safe.

I then hand painted the dots on trying to match the pattern.

I then cut them to length as shorts,  and hemmed them.

To the Shirt:
It was originally a turtle neck shirt.  A basic t-shirt.

I cut it in half in the front.  Then I sewed it back together to give the illusion of a button up shirt. 

Then modified it from a turtle neck to a v-neck.  

The cape:
I don't have any pics for the making of my cape.  I just took a bed sheet and a big piece of fabric. And sewed them together. And then I made a hood from the same materials. 

The Sword!!!

In the manga it states his sword is half of his height. I am 6 foot 4.  So my version should be 3 foot 2. I used this measurement to scale his sword and produce the above rendering.  
I printed the grip life sized and used it to carve out some insulation foam into the shape of the grip.  

I then sanded it round. And coated it in 6 coats of wood glue.  

And then one final coat of 5 minute epoxy.  The epoxy made it very strong. I then wrapped the grip in blue upholstery vinyl. I did sharpie the edges blue so they would be less visible. 

For the blade, I cut two long strips of 10 mm thick craft foam.  I used the sanding bit of a dremel to make a 1/2 in wide groove that is 1/16 inch deep to accommodate a aluminum bar running down the middle.  The bar is 1/2 inch  by 1/8 inch. 

I then glued the foam together around the aluminum with handy dandy contact cement.  

I then used masking tape to divide the blade in half.  And began sanding the bevel.  
Then I began sanding the flat part of the blade.  

The pommel is a piece of styrene that is the same thickness as the aluminum.  I sandwiched that between two pieces of sintra.  And sanded them smooth.

The cross guard was carved from a piece of styrene. I used the cheapest glue stick I could find to glue a pattern I printed onto the stryene.  And then the pattern was removed.  

Final Sword
Above is a pic of the beta sword. I recessed a wooden wheel into the pommel to make the gem.  The final version will use state of the art googly eyes!