Saturday, December 5, 2015

Professor Stein's Screw headpiece from Soul Eater

Professor Stein's Screw headpiece from Soul Eater

I did a professor Stein Cosplay.  I really like this character. It is easy to wear.  And the screw spins. I will admit it is fun when people stop you at a con,  and ask if the screw spins.  I never verbally answer.  I just spin the screw. Mine is very loud.  

The screw is a big empty cardboard box with a party clacker in it.  I feel the emptiness of the cardboard acts as a resonance chamber and makes the clacker even louder. Because my screw is quite loud.

Basically I have a head band.  I took small pieces of PVC and hot glued them to the head band. I also drilled small hole through the pvc and zip tied them to the head band.

Below is a pic of the party clacker.  I ended up removing most of it so it could fit inside the screw head.  The small white piece on the left is the axle for the party clacker. When I finished it became the axle for the screw head.

Below you can see the axle slides inside the PVC .  The axle has a gear on it that engages the clacker.  This gear also works as a flange to hold the screw head together.  

Below is a view of the axle from the view of the headband.  I used some cardboard inside the PVC to fill the gap between the PVC and the axle. 

Below is a view of the inside of the screw.

Below is the top part of the screw. I took the top of a round box from Joanns.  I trimmed the box to make it much shorter.  I installed the balsa sides for the screw slot. Then I cut the box for the screw slot. I also added some masking tape around the inside of the box.  I was trying to achieve a tighter fit on the lid.

 So below you see the parts of the screw head.  From left to right.  The PVC, the axle,  the bottom of the screw head, and the top of the screw head.