Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to make a: DJ-PON3 record

I do a DJ-PON3 cosplay.  It is great.  It has headphone so I can be in loud places and it is still quiet. I have a photoshoot tommorow.  The only prop I have is my bag. I thought I need a additional prop. So I thought I can make a record.  I went to the scrap exchange and got a record,  $1.  w00t.
Except the inside of the record,  the label,  looks ... too normal.  I want it to fit with the DJ-PON3 theme.  

So I took his/her cutie mark.  Printed it out onto paper.  I was afraid the blue on the record would bleed through on the cutie mark.  So I painted the back of the paper black.  I used some black spray paint for plastic.  FAILURE.  It bleed through the paper.  So I reprinted it,  and used black enamel paint.  It worked.  It did not bleed through.  I don't know why.  

Above is the horrible horrible bleed.  Don't do that.  or test on a scrap piece and see what happens.

After cutting them out I run a sharpie down the edge of the paper. I am not sure if this makes a big difference, but I feel it does.  You can see where I stopped.

Then I painted the front with a coat of clear lacquer spray paint.  Then some spray adhesive.  And BAM.  A custom DJ-PON3 record.

I did both sides.  So yeah.  I nice prop from a different costume.

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