Sunday, July 31, 2016

Modding Pop Vinyls

Modding Pop Vinyls

I wanted to make a custom pop vinyl. I had seen other people do it and it looked fun. It looked like a quick way to learn/sharpen some skills for cheap.   Also everything I have learned about modding pop vinyls I learned from Britfang Cosplay.  Check him out.  Oh yes. 

I have a friend who likes pop vinyls, and that person has a birthday.  So it was time to make a pop vinyl.  The one problems I have found with pop vinyls is all the popular characters have been done. So I decided to do an interrogation scene Black Widow. I think it is an impressive scene. She is in control the entire time. 

This is what I came up with. 

There is already a Black Widow Pop Vinyl. I purchased one. And used the head.  Thus the head is done.

I looked for a female pop vinyl with a dress and a v neck-line.  I ended up with Six from Battle Star Galatia.  I had trouble finding a specific pop vinyl with this dress. I went to all the stores at the mall.  That was a bad idea. I found a Facebook group, the Funko Pop Checklist,  that is nothing but a list of all the Pop Vinyls. I could just scroll down and see them all. PERFECT.  

I soaked Six in hot water and the head popped right off. The Black Widow head is a bobble head, and Six is not.  So I covered the black widow head in masking tape, so I couldn't damage it.  

The inside of the Black Widow head.  It is very open. Also you can see the Six body with it's plug.  

To fill the head I added some expanding foam.  I added too much.

While the expanding foam was curing I painted Six's dress black.  I used a very small paint brush, and a tooth pick.

I cut away the giant mass of excess expandy foam. The inside still wasn't cured. A little googling, and I found out that if you add water, it can speed up the curing.  I tried it.  It works,  it expanded more.  I let it finish curing for a weekend.  Then I carved enough out for the body to fit. I wasn't sure how glue would react with the foam.  So I sealed the expanding foam with mod podge. I them used epoxy to secure the body to the head. 

I used some flesh tone paint and added rips in the body of the pop vinyl. I also used some black acrylic paint and mod podge (1 paint to 10 mod podge ratio) to paint on panty hose. I painted over the panty hose with flesh tone paint to make rips.


I super glued some twine to the wrists for the rope. I was concerned about the glue and the body. So I used tape as a buffer. 

In the movie she is wearing a gold necklace, and a gold bracelet on her right wrist.  And her dress has a silver zipper on the back.  I didn't have any acrylic paint those colors.  But I did have spray paint.  If you spray paint on something else (like a trash bag),  you can make a puddle. It takes a few seconds to dry.  I grabbed a tooth pick and painted on the necklace, bracelet, and zipper.

The person this pop vinyl is going to does not take them out of the box,  I think.
So I took the Six box apart. I taped over the clear part. And I spray painted the entire box white. 

I cut apart the Black Widow box. I wanted the Black Widow head.And the pop vinyl logo. To get the stripes on the pop vinyl box consistent in color I printed the design below.  And cut them out.  This also allowed me to type with name. I have sloppy hand writing.  Writing in white on red can be difficult.  But printing is super easy! Also I found a lot of people think the pop vinyl font is bebas neue (link)

And this is the end result! 

And yes.  With a little itty bitty piece of worbla,  I made a cell phone.  It is in her hand. A flip phone.  I painted a screen and buttons.

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