Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Applique - The E-Z Way

Adding Applique
The E-Z Way

Basically I cheat.  I use iron on adhesives.  I glue my pattern to the back of the iron on.  I then cut it out.  And iron the pattern on and WIN!!

To begin I need the fabric.  I has been recommended to me to use the cheapest satin possible.  It unravels the least.  I havn't experimented with other fabrics.  But cheap satin does totally work.  I print out my design,  Pearl's star, full size.   And I had some Loctitie 300.  You could use other glue.  I recommend a spray glue.

My fabric is a little wrinkled.

Here is my iron on material.  It is EPIC.  So useful!!

Once I have ironed on the iron on material.  I then glue on my pattern to the paper of the iron on material.  You can glue to the paper of the iron on,  because you will be removing it.  

I then cut out the fabric using the pattern and an Xacto knife.  And BAM Pearl's star is done.

I then spent about about a half hour getting it positioned right.  I measured from the seam points on the neckline.  From each point to the top of the star.  I kept moving the star until it the two measurements were the same,  well within a 1/16 of an inch.  But that made sure the star is centered on my chest.


It is machine washable,  Just use cold water.  And if the tips of the star start to come off,  a quick hit from the iron and you can readhere them!!

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