Monday, August 10, 2015

Adding effects to someone else's prop:

So I was at a build party. I was introduced to

Britfang Cosplay.  He makes AMAZING outfits. They all look incredible. He can take $10 of stuff and make it look like millions. It boggles my mind.  Anyway he made a Rocket Raccoon outfit. And he was making ALL the guns. I saw one.  I think he mentioned it would be cool if it could look like it was shooting plasma.  Ok.  I can do that.  I thought about it for a few days.  I messaged his wife to see if it would be ok to ask him.  I wasn't sure how someone else would take it.  His wife, who is also awesome, said YES.  So I asked him,  he said YES.  So more messenging, links, planning.  I have what you see below.

The gun is MASSIVE.  The green thing is a 1 foot ruler for scale.  This is the biggest prop I have ever worked with.  And I get to do stuff to it.  So before I started anything I actually had the owner (Britfang) pose with it. I wanted to see how would he use it.  What areas will be totally exposed, and what area will be totally invisible.  Basically where can I hide stuff.  Also He wears gloves with this outfit. Really nice gloves.  I was allowed to borrow one.  So  I can make sure I can manipulate it, or basically turn the lights and fans on and off. 


I started by carving out the area I thought I would need.

I then painted that area black with some poster paint.  The foam is green,  and I din't want any green showing.  So lots of poster paint. 

I painted the switch I had to get up with Hugo to get the color exact.  The below switch is a DPST switch. Basically with 1 flick of the switch it can run 2 separate circuits.  Which is good because the fan wants 6 volts. And I am afraid that many volts will burn out the LED's. 

I painted the wires.

Below is my test of the wire routing. The way this person poses with the gun you don't see the right side of the gun.  So I cluttered that side up with wires.

I made a little mount for the lights.  Basically 2 led assemblies from flashlights.  I wired them up in parallel.  They were built to run of 3 AAA's. I ran them off 2 AA's.

I then carved out even more of the gun to make the fan fit.  This is a fan from a r400 ibm laptop (fru # 45N6140) . It is fairly quiet.  I think in the noisiness of a convention,  it will be fine.  It puts out a lot of air.

Here is how everything looks jammed in 

I don't know if the photoexplains it well.  But I hid 6 AA's in the 'hand shroud' of the gun.  The batteries are right where the hand hold the gun,  so it balances well.  

I strung some blue tinsel on a kabob.  Super glued the middle.

The lights work,  the fan pushes the tinsel out the front.

I painted some craft foam to hid the fan,  and the giant hole I made.

The fan is strong enough to push the tinsel straight up.  

A close up of all the wires.  

Hugo with his gun.  It is a really big gun.

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