Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bag Monster

I was contact by a local recycling center to make a wearable illustration of the amount of plastic bags a person goes through in 1 year.  I was told the number was around 300 bags per person per year.  Ok.

So I started gluing. Basically this is XL sweatshirt with hood,  and some sweatpants.  I used gorilla glue to attach 300 grocery bags to the entire thing. It is august and this thing is super hot.  I was unable to wear the pants and the sweatshirt at the same time, because it was so hot.

Lots of gluing.  And clamping down, and more gluing.  

They let me use their store.  It was really nice to have space to work.  And if I needed anything, IT WAS FREE.  So yes.  I made a suit. 

My helper.

We had some volunteers do some counting, to make sure we were on track for 300 bags.

I started with a lot of bags.  Here is the last load. 

And here is the jacket of the suit.  It is ....HOT.

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