Thursday, August 20, 2015

Professor Farnsworth's Glasses

I do a Professor Farnsworth, from Futurama, cosplay.  It is a fun cosplay.  It is THE MOST COMFORTABLE COSPLAY EVER. I have a box for a prop.  The box is great for shopping. It can hold a average size print, without folding or rolling it up or anything. 

First I wear prescription glasses.  So I purchased some glasses online to use for the structure of the glasses.  If you don't need glasses you can get non-prescription glasses.

Online they list the width of the lens as 43 mm.  The lens are circles so the diameter of the lens is 43 mm.  That is 1.6 inchs. I purchased some 1.5 inch diameter mailing tubes.  
I had some trouble cutting them. I recommend rolling up some cardboard and putting it inside to make it a little stronger and easier to cut. 

Once I cut the tube to the right length (about 1 inch). I spray painted the tube with glass frosting spray paint.

Then I cut some 1/8 inch clear acrylic from Lowes into circles.  And glued them onto the front of the tube.  I then glued the tubes to the glasses. And DONE

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